Lie Detector

from by Simai

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I'm a lie detector.
You lie, you cheat, spit in my eyes,
I'll never trust a fool who wears a disguise.

You lied once and I let that slip,
you lied twice, I'm getting sick of it.
If you keep going down that road and lie a little more,
I'll have no other option but to shut your hole.
Your whole existence consists of deceiving your family,
you better be getting me cuz you'll be paying heavily.
Karma's a bitch, she's gonna catch up to you.
You can try but you can never outrun the truth.


You stabbed me in the back, but I pulled the knife out.
Know that in the end that I'll be feeling alright,
cuz your lies don't affect me I'm protected by the past.
Those who are dishonest are those who finish last.
You fake, double faced, worthless prick,
I'm the lie detector and I can't be tricked.
To me you're transparent, but apparently you don't get it,
I'ma make sure you never become a parent.


Trust me.
Trust me when I say, I'm absolutely disgusted
and speaking of trust you'll never gain any from me.
I'll turn to dust before I let myself be deceived.
You lying slut, you're out of luck, you seem to be stuck
and your mouth got shut.
You better admit it that there is no going back
you've destroyed all the good memories that we've had.

Lie detector.
I'll never trust a fool who wears a disguise, I'll never trust your lies.


I'm the bad guy I'ma be the bad guy.
I'll let you know why, I tell no lies I speak the truth
and I don't give a fuck if I'm rude, cuz everything I do
I do it for the greater good.
You're a liar and you're a hoe,
you're a scumbag and you're a hoax.
I'll expose you as you are,
a scared little faggot that's too afraid to look me in the eye.

I'm a lie detector
Lie detector


from Guerrillas, released September 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Simai Birmingham, UK

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